Capturing Memories & Preserving Your Past

1) Collect pictures, memorabilia, awards, etc. Pick out anything that is appropriate for the occasion. Have an old photo that needs to be restored... not a problem. Send is to us... we'll fix it.  Do you want only part of a photo included... not a problem. We'll crop the photo to your specifications.


2) Decide on what kind of music you would like in the show.


3) Once you have everything you want included in the show, decide in what order you would like them presented. This could be chronological (from birth to present), or grouped by types of events (sports or school events, holidays or parties).


4) Mail your photos, documents and any photo or music CD's in an envelope or box. Be sure to note any special instructions (eg. cropping, touch-ups, music/lyric sections to be used, etc.)


5) See Pricing page for information on what your show will cost. This is a guide only... contact us for exact pricing.


6) Mail your package to: Rosemary Rubsam Media, 71 Cedar Street, Branford, CT 06405


Please remember that we need two weeks to complete your show. Allow one week for to mail the finished DVD & your photos back to you.